Empowering Businesses During COVID-19.


Our Mission

Canadian Isolation Services (CIS) was born out of the Covid-19 global pandemic and our mission is to support organizations in their quest to provide essential services that involve travel to areas that have been virtually unaffected by the virus. 

As the world continues to struggle with Covid-19, economies are slowly regaining strength. As a result, air travel has also recommenced, posing concerns to areas within the country that have been virtually unaffected by the virus. Officials in these areas are understandably cautious in allowing individuals to enter their city/province and have imposed safety measures to ensure to keep their citizens safe. One such measure includes the requirement for travellers to undergo a 14-day quarantine period either before travelling or upon arrival depending upon each respective province’s rulings on entry.

This is where we come in. Our company’s goal is to be your trusted source for ensuring proper protocol is followed with respect to the 14-day quarantine period to preserve the low number of cases in these areas. We provide accommodations, food, transportation, security monitoring, and medical testing, to meet this requirement and ensure the integrity of the quarantine.

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Accommodations in a 4-star hotel is provided for the full 14-day period (an upgrade to a 5-star accommodation can also be arranged). All rooms are a full suite with a kitchen, microwave, stove, dry cleaning laundry services, and garbage and recycling bins.

With over 1,000 rooms available across Ottawa, we have the capacity to accommodate small or large groups. All guests will have the opportunity to shop for groceries and personal items before entering their 14-day quarantine. All guests will be provided with contact information for a member of our team for anything they may need. Emergency, personal items etc.

Our team members are fully equipped with PPE for cleanliness and safety according to Canadian health guidelines. 5-star accommodations can be arranged through our executive package.



Quarantined Individuals will receive three balanced meals daily that are prepared in the hotel’s kitchen. The food choice is based on the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide.

Our team of chefs and servers work tirelessly to provide delicious meals, 3 times a day for all of our guests. All meals are delivered to the room and our staff will knock at the door and leave for contactless delivery. Breakfast is served at 8am starting from the 8th floor working downward, followed up by a lunch at noon, and dinner served at 5pm.

Our executive chef has prepared a balanced variety of meals according to Canada’s Food Guide. Our menu varies greatly from the original menu provided by the hotel restaurant and all guests will be provided a copy at the beginning of their stay. Enjoy delicious meals such as French Toast in the mornings, Chicken Quesadillas mid-day and a full course of roast beef in the evenings, just to name a few. Please notify our team of any dietary restrictions before you arrive so that we can arrange accordingly.



Once the quarantine period is over, transportation to the airport for the travellers will be provided with drivers wearing Personal Protective Equipment. The size of the vehicle will depend on the number of people travelling together.



We provide general medical services to individuals during their quarantine to ensure their health and safety is maintained at all times. A Covid-19 test will be provided to individuals on their first day of quarantine and again nearing the end of the quarantine period.



While in the hotel, a supervisor from a bonded security company will provide continuous monitoring of individuals and log all access and egress to and from the room to ensure all proper quarantine procedures are met.

A certificate will be provided to the traveller to provide to government officials that they have successfully quarantined for the full 14-day quarantine period.

We're here to help during COVID-19.

Please reach out to us and let us know how we could make things more comfortable.
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